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A brief history of Shamsur Rahman College, Gosairhat, Shariatpur : In order to establish a college at the Upazila Head Quarters,Gusairhat, under Shariatpur district an organizing committee was formed with the then Upazila Nirbahi officer, Mr. Mohiuddin Ahmed, Upazila Chairman Jasimuddin Dewan, Magistrate Mynuddin Khandaker(now Add.Secretay to Home ministry), the then Chairman of Idilpur Union Late Ajharuddin Hawlader,Headmaster of Idilpur High School Mr. Osman Gani, members of Upazila Parishad and local elites. They named it Idilpur College after the name of Idilpur Pargona. The college started its work for the first time on July 01,1984 at Idilpur High school campus. The committee collected money from Upazila education fund and other different sources, purched land and constructed building. Late Ali Dewan also donated a land of 50 decimle. The total land was 2.40 acres. The committee appointed Mr. Shahjahan as the first principal of the college. The people who also gave their efforts, brain and labour at that time are – Mr. Adv.Ali Ahmed, Dr. SA kamal, Late Abdul Gani Sarder & Late Adv. Md. Khalilur Rahman Faraijee. When the Upazila system was cancelled in 1989 the college fell into a dilapidated condition.The college at a time reached the stage to be closed for various unavoidable reasons specially for financial problems. At this critical juncture the local people requested Alhaj Shamsur Rahman, the renowned businessman (CIP) to take the responsibility of the college so that the young learners of Gosairhat Upazila may not be deprived of the light of education. At this request and realising the condition of the poor people Alhaj Shamsur Rahman could not but came forward to remove the educational problem of the locality. He donated Tk. 15 lacs at a time to the college fund and the then college Governing body renamed the college as Shamsur Rahman college in 1993. Afterwards, the college came under the direct supervision of Shamsur Rahman. Late Mr. Abdur Razzaq,MP & minister was the then Chairman of the college Governing body. Dr. SA Kamal was also the GB Chairman for a short time. It is to be mentioned here that after some days Mr. Abdur Razzak recommended Mr. Shamsur Rahman to be the GB Chairman . Being Founder & Chairman of the college Alhajj Shamsur Rahman gave his all out efforts for the development work with his own fund. He also purched 05 acres of land for the college . The college is also using 07 acres of land more beloned to the members of his family. Maj.Anisur Rahman(Rtd) younger brother of Shamsur Rahman, the life long donor of the college governing body constructed girls’ hostel after his name. Mr. Md. Abul Bashar,the benefactor of the college Governing body donated money for the well being of the college. Mr. Shamsur Rahman constructed dormitories for teachers & hostels for students , residential quarters for teachers with families, an excellent residential building for the Principal. Recently he also constructed a four storied academic building named Khalilur Rahman Honours Bhavon after his father’s name. He has been expending crores of money for the over all development of the college. At present Alhaj Shamsur Rahman himself is the Founder and Chairman of the Governing body. (2) The subjects recognized at the HSC level are : Bangla , English (compulsory); Humanities group : Civics, Economics, Islamic History, Sociology, logic, Islamic study,, Home economics, & Agriculture. Business Studies Group : Accounting, Principles of Business & practice, Secretarial Science & officement , Computer Studies & Economics and commercial geography. Science Group : Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Biology. Affiliated Subjects to Degree(pass course) under National University: BA : Bangla, English (compulsory) Islamic history & culture , Islamic Study & Philosophy, BSS : Political Science, Economics & Sciology. BBS : Accounting, Management & Economics. Affiliated to Honours level : 1. Bangla , 2. Political Science, 3. Islamic History & Culture, 4. Economics, 5. Accounting & 6. Management. Total number of students at present is about = 2000 (Two thousand); Number teachers = 41 (Forty one); Number of employees (3rd class) = 04 (Four) ; ’’ ’’ ” (4th class) = 08 (Eight). Alhaj Shamsur Rahman (CIP) S.M. Abul Bashar Founder & Chairman (BA Hons MA English. DU ) Shamsur Rahman (Hons) college Principal Shamsur Rahman (Hons) college

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