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Govt. Brajalal College, Khulna Khulna the youngest district of the presidency division of British Bengal was born in 1882. Although the district headquarters was 175 km off from the capital Calcutta, it took only four hours for a train journey to reach the capital city. The children of the landlord and upper middle class families preferred the capital city for their higher education and a result no institution for higher education was established in khulna region. Towards the end of the nineteenth century, when the urge for higher education among the middle class families grew stronger, it was felt necessary to establish institution for higher education. It was around the beginning of the twenteeth century when some eminent philanthrophists of Khulna and Bagerhat decided to establish a college around the district headquarters of Khulna. Mr. Brajalal Chakravarty M.A.B.L. an advocate of Calcutta High court, landlords Mr. Troilakyanath Chatterjee and Mr. Jadunath Biswas selected a beautiful site at Daulatpur, a suburb of khulna and beside the Khulna Calcutta railway. The villages around Daulatpur had a strong majority of caste hindu population in which there were many highly educated persons. High court judges, I.C.S. officers, poets and literateurs. The site of the college at Daulatpur was selected by the sponsors for different reasons. It was a small but beautiful river port on the Bhairab, a few minutes walk from Daulatpur railway station. Only 8 km away from the district head quarters, the site was also far from the madding crowd of Khulna. The sponsors also expected that the college would attract the attention of the educated and wealthy caste hindu population and they would come forward with financial and other help. In order to impart a strong moral education along with the University syllabus, a temple was established in 1902 along with the college on a plot of land measuring only two acres of land purchased by Mr. Brajalal Chakravartty, after words more land was acquired by purchase and gift and it is learnt that a magor portion of the college area lies on the land owned by syedpur Trust Estate of Haji Muhammad Mohsin the great. A Chatushpati (an institution for sanskrit and religious education) associated with the temple was also established. The flowing river on one side and the green trees surrounding the area was so charming and excellent that the sponsors designed to give it the shape of hermitage. In those days the Brahmin priest of a temple was very much particular about untouchability. They had a view that the sanctity of the temple and the idol of the goddess could not be duly preserved if people other than the caste hindu scet are allowed to move in the hermitage area. The authority of the temple and the college resolved to admit students coming from the caste hindu community only. From the beginning the whole institution was of residential nature. On account of its residential nature, a physician was appointed for giving free medical treatment to the resident teachers and boarder students. Brief History of B. L College 1. the 31st college and the first residential college in undivided bengal presidency and the 10th college in Bangladesh (former East Bengal) 2. Founder & first Secretary of Board of Trustees- Mr. Brajalal Chakravartty (Shastri) of Bawaidanga, Lackpur, Fakirhat, Bagerhat, BA (Triple Honours), Sanskrit (1st Clas), English & Pholosophy (2nd class), MA (Sanskrit) BL, Advocate, Calcutta High court. Co-Founder Trailakya Nath Chaterjee of Ghabhag and Jadunath Biswas, Land Lord of Dashani, Bagerhat. 3. Established in June, 1902 and named Daulatpur Hindu Academy; renamed Brajala Hindu Academy in 1946 and finally named Brajalal College in 1949. 4. Two wings of Hindu Academy- Chatuspathi and College, both headed by Acharya who was senior to Principal in status. The institution is currently running on its own glory. From intermediate level to master’s nineteen subjects of which honours in 17, masters in 16 courses are being tought. 172 learned teachers are devoting their talent to serve about 27 thousand students and the nation as well. Seven hostels are here in the big campus. A beautiful scupture consists of valiant figures on a stage having attractive mural bears the testimony of our great liberation war. A Shaheed Minar and a masoleum always declare the history of Bengali Nationalism and heritage. The mosque, temple, a large number of academic building and green panaromic view easily could catch the sight of any visitor and sooth his mind. Since the very inception of its birth Govt. B. L. College has been passing his days with traditional fame and glory. The magnificent academic institution in southern part of Bangladesh is still bearing the torch of education and culture which is enlightening innumerable people home and abroad.

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Prof. Sharif Atiquzzaman
Md. Touhidul Islam
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    Degree (Pass) Courses:

  • 6001-B. A. (Pass)
  • 6002-B. S. S. (Pass)
  • 6003-B. Sc. (Pass)
  • 6004-B. B. S. (Pass)
  • Honours Courses:

  • 1001-BANGLA
  • 1101-ENGLISH
  • 1501-HISTORY
  • 2001-SOCIOLOGY
  • 2101-SOCIAL WORK
  • 2201-ECONOMICS
  • 2301-MARKETING
  • 2401-FINANCE
  • 2701-PHYSICS
  • 2801-CHEMISTRY
  • 3001-BOTANY
  • 3101-ZOOLOGY
  • Master's Final Courses:

  • 1051-BANGLA
  • 1151-ENGLISH
  • 1551-HISTORY
  • 2051-SOCIOLOGY
  • 2251-ECONOMICS
  • 2351-MARKETING
  • 2751-PHYSICS
  • 2851-CHEMISTRY
  • 3051-BOTANY
  • 3151-ZOOLOGY